Fired Allegedly For Cause: Oil & Gas Employee

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When oil & gas employees are fired allegedly for cause, we don’t take a traditional approach, which somewhat limits the cases that we do pursue. However, this also means our strategy is not anticipated by most employers and can force significant employer payouts. Strong indicators as to the suitability of our legal approach include one or more of the following factors: (i) long-term employment, (ii) salaried employment, and/or (iii) employment in Alberta.

Where the specific facts of your employment meet our criteria for legal representation, we actually prefer to represent employees who have been allegedly fired for just cause, since there is little, if anything, at risk. The employer has provided nothing in the form of termination pay or severance pay, and is typically overconfident in its belief that its interpretation of the "incident" is sufficient to justify its refusal to make payment to its former employee. We can therefore pursue an aggressive and intense legal strategy, based on the facts, typically focusing on angles that the employer is unaware of, with it really only being upside for the employee.

Our objective is to deploy our non-traditional strategy to full effect and financially "punish" the employer, for well in excess of what they could possibly fathom. This is made possible by shifting the focus of the litigation away from the employee and the “incident”, and focusing upon the employer and its improprieties. By transferring the emphasis unto the employer, the employee isn’t constantly back peddling and seeking to justify their actions, which isn’t a winning strategy in our professional estimation. Instead, by squarely focusing upon the employer and its actions, we establish the strategic legal advantage to challenge even the largest employers with their high-price legal teams.

Given the aggressive nature of our legal approach, which takes an incredibly harsh attitude towards these employers and the statutory impropriety of their employee actions, it is not necessarily appropriate for all former oil & gas employees, who are prepared to accept their former employer's bias interpretation and their employer's own statutory improprieties. Nevertheless, for those employees who are committed to pursuing what they are legally entitled to and holding their former employer to account, while undertaking an alternate legal strategy that isn't overly reliant upon the "incident" and its interpretation, contact our law firm for a confidential initial consultation at or 403-400-4092.

Fired With Cause - are you really owed nothing

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