Oil & Gas Employee Lawyer: Christopher Neufeld

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With over 20 years of legal experience in corporate business law and commercial litigation, I undertook an extensive review of termination and severance pay packages and the court precedent (case law) that shapes judicial interpretation of those central employment laws. And what I discovered was the process for dealing with terminated employees, especially employees in large companies, was all too often seriously flawed. Core fundamentals were not being appropriately addressed and thus a powerful legal strategy was not being implemented for those employees who were impacted by this major oversight.

By taking a fresh look at termination and severance pay, as opposed to relying upon the standard practices that are well known to large corporate employers, a new strategy was developed that can challenge large companies and their high-priced lawyers. And with this new strategy, we can optimize employee demands by placing significant pressure on these large corporate employers and using that leverage to negotiate to the employee's advantage.

Drawing upon my early years in New York City as a corporate securities attorney on Wall Street, and than continuing to develop and hone my legal skills and expertise in Ontario and Alberta, focusing on corporate-commercial matters, I have taken this distinct experience and knowledge, and sought to develop an innovative approach to termination and severance pay packages. And having identified a unique approach to advancing a former employee's demand for increased compensation, challenging large corporate employers has become a central focus of my legal practice.

Court Admissions: Law Society of Alberta, Law Society of Ontario, U.S. Court of International Trade, U.S. Tax Court, U.S. Court of Claims, U.S. Court of Appeals: Federal Circuit, U.S. District Court: Southern & Eastern Districts of New York, New York State Court

Education: LL.B. - University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario) 1999 M.A. - University of Delhi (New Delhi, India) 1996 B.A. Hon. - York University (Toronto, Ontario) 1994

So if you're looking for a lawyer to provide a distinct approach to reviewing and pursuing an increased termination and severance pay-out, or your looking for some legal perspective (or a second opinion), do not hesitate to contact Christopher Neufeld at Chris@NeufeldLegal.com or 403-400-4092.

Smoke & Mirrors of Oil & Gas Termination & Severance Pay Packages

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