It May Not Be Too Late: Former Oil & Gas Employees

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While most lawyers stress the importance of not accepting a termination and severance pay package or signing your former employer's release before consulting with them, they rarely delve into the all too common situation of taking a termination and severance pay package without serious legal negotiations and regretting your decision afterwards. And even if you did seemingly undertake serious negotiations with your former employer and came out with less termination and severance pay than you personally felt you deserved, it may not be too late.

Based on the particulars of your original payout arrangement, there might well exist the opportunity to attain additional compensation from your former employer. And this can be ascertained in short order with our free initial assessment, which will provide your with our perspective as to securing greater compensation from your former employer if it is legally warranted. In certain cases it might well be too late or next to impossible to secure a greater payout from your former corporate employer; however, where the appropriate facts and circumstances are present, isn't it worth your time to assess your options and than make the determination as to whether or not to proceed forward?

So if you aren't satisfied with your former employer's original payout or you're harboring regrets about its possible inadequacy, or if you're simply seeking a second opinion prior to committing to the current proposal, do not hesitate to contact Christopher Neufeld at or 403-400-4092.

Taking Another Look at your Termination / Severance Pay
from an Oil & Gas Company

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