An Improved Strategy to Termination & Severance Pay

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The idea that there is a single strategy that works for all employment dismissals is to put it mildly sheer arrogance. There isn't a one size fits all strategy that works to optimize a fired employee's payout for maximum termination and severance pay. Even the strategy that I have developed relies upon specific variables being present (which exist in many medium and large companies, but not all such companies), without which the strategy may not be appropriate and it becomes necessary to use an alternate approach. However, where the strategy is appropriate, in my professional estimation, it has the potential to generate more significant results, such that obtaining a free initial assessment (even if its a second opinion) would be to your personal advantage.

So if you're looking at assessing your options and not simply placing your reliance upon standardized and formulaic demand letters and long-standing claims for additional termination and severance pay that are rarely, if ever, going to get you what you really want, contact our law firm. The big companies and their lawyers know the standard approaches and really don't feel all that threatened. They might give a little more to satisfy those former employees and their lawyers, however they know full well that it will rarely result in their big corporate client having to make a substantially greater payout. What can you do knowing that? Well, if the specific facts and circumstances allow for it, there might be the possibility for a more innovative approach that puts real pressure on your former employer and can increase the likelihood of obtaining a greater settlement. Hence the need for an innovative strategy that aims to provide yourself with a much needed tactical advantage.

So if you aren't satisfied with your former employer's original payout or you're harboring regrets about its possible inadequacy, or if you're simply seeking a second opinion prior to committing to the current proposal, do not hesitate to contact Christopher Neufeld at or 403-400-4092.

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