Underpaid: Termination Pay, Severance Pay, etc.

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After the initial shock of losing your job, the last thing most employees want to contend with is a very rich former employer seeking to underpay them as they are shown the door. Nevertheless, far too many medium and large companies are underpaying their former employees and taking a very hard line with respect to the standard demands for an increase in termination and severance pay. And it was because of this extremely hard stance that is being taken by these larger companies with their overpaid executives that I decided that it wasn't sufficient to merely draw upon past legal practices (which the big companies' high paid lawyers know all too well), but to build upon that past legal precedent and court decisions with a far more innovative and aggressive approach to tackling the prevalance of companies having underpaid their former employees.

The degree to which many medium and large companies underpay their employees upon termination is quite astounding, yet in the absence of an effective legal strategy to secure the recover of this underpayment, you could well find yourself being among those former employees who have failed to pursue and recover money that they were justly entitled to. At a minimum, you should find out the potential severity of your underpayment and your options to secure its payment to the benefit of you and your family, otherwise you will unfortunately regret it for years to come.

So if you aren't satisfied with your former employer's original payout or you're harboring regrets about its possible inadequacy, or if you're simply seeking a second opinion prior to committing to the current proposal, do not hesitate to contact Christopher Neufeld at Chris@NeufeldLegal.com or 403-400-4092.

Underpayment of Fired Oil & Gas Workers

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