Oil & Gas Employee Lawyer: Termination & Severance Pay

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The petroleum industry continues to undertake massive lay-offs, with corporate executives being extremely stingy with respect to employee payments on termination, especially with a very tight job market that is very competitive. As such, fired oil & gas employees need to think and act decisively to protect their personal financial interests following their job loss. Hourly employees in the petroleum industry are particularly vulnerable, with underpayments being particularly acute and largely unnoticed, such that the importance of informed legal counsel cannot be understated. Most oil & gas employees are shocked when they learn how much they might well be leaving on the table, with our free initial assessment really opening their eyes to the amount of money that is potentially available to them.

When it comes to employment law, we have a singular interest, representing employees who have been fired or terminated without cause from large corporate employers. We have developed a unique approach for dealing with termination and severance pay packages that is directed at overcoming the weaknesses associated with the all too common "standard" approach to pursuing greater termination and severance pay-outs (where the facts work in your favour).

Even if you've recently accepted the termination and severance pay package that was presented to you by your former employer and now your realizing that you may have taken considerably less than what you deserved, we may still be able to assist you.

However, the facts and circumstances of your particular employment situation are absolutely critical to whether or not our distinct approach has the potential for success. For that very reason, we will undertake a free review and advise yourself as to whether or not the particular facts and circumstances related to your job loss and the termination and severance pay offer are appropriate for our strategy, as well as whether or not you qualify for our contingency fee payment arrangement.

So if you're looking for a lawyer to provide a distinct approach to reviewing and pursuing an increased termination and severance pay-out, or your looking for a second opinion, do not hesitate to contact Christopher Neufeld at Chris@NeufeldLegal.com or 403-400-4092.

Smoke & Mirrors of Oil & Gas Termination & Severance Pay Packages

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