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Calgary, Alberta

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Facilitating foreign business operations into Canada's oil and gas sector.

Managing your Canadian operations from another country can be difficult without the appropriate professional support team reinforcing your Canadian personnel and interpreting your instructions from the company's international headquarters. Given the added dimensions created by operating outside of your native jurisdiction, with which you are most familiar, it is important that you recruit professionals capable of navigating your Canadian operations through the specific business nuances of Canadian laws and regulations.

The key to any successful multinational business operation is the creation of a seamless business' system that is capable of operating in all participant countries with minimal distractions. To achieve this seamless operation, it is important to retain the services of local legal counsel capable of facilitating this integration, which is essential to the commercial viability of your Canadian operations. Without such legal counsel, your multinational business could run into some serious legal problems, in addition to failing to achieve its profit potential in Canada.

As such, our role as Canadian business lawyers is to facilitate the effective and seamless integration of your Canadian operations into the Canadian legal and regulatory system, while seeking to preserve your company's principal mandate so as to generate the means through which profits are maximized. Fundamentally, this is the primary objective of any foreign business operating in Canada and is our role, as legal counsel, to make it happen.

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