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Strong and decisive legal representation of your business interests in the oil and gas sector.

Whether as a business owner or a corporate executive in the petroleum sector, establishing the legal parameters of your employment relationships are of paramount importance. No longer can you rely upon a handshake, as handshake deals are constantly subverted by individuals and their cut-throat attorneys to exploit your generosity. Given this sharp reality, it is imperative that your employment relationships are clearly set out in employment contracts.

An employment agreement / executive services contract is your most effective means of protecting yourself legally and financially. It must be negotiated and drafted in your best interests, with the legal terms being clear and concise - so as to avoid the opportunity for manipulation and subversion.

Thereafter, employers need to continually supplement their initial legal contracts, with a legal compliance program, which is intended to reinforce the obligations of employees and contractors to adhere to heightened workplace standards. Such a compliance program would include the preparation of workplace manuals and circulars, the provision of employee training sessions and the conducting of workplace reviews and investigations (and when necessary an employee termination strategy, when an employee needs to be released from his/her employment). And than there is the unenviable situation a former employee charging you of improper or illegal dismissal. Each of these elements is essential to maintaining a business environment that minimizes your exposure to employment-related legal challenges..

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