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Strong and decisive legal representation of your business interests in the oil and gas sector.

Subcontracting oil & gas personnel to perform essential or highly specialized work that your company has been contracted to complete in furtherance of a particular petroleum project is an essential element to the success of one's corporate pursuits. Circumstances often dictate that you cannot maintain these individuals on a full-time basis, whether it is because they are required to meet increased need or they are required to provide a particular skill that is not consistently required or for a range of other tactical reasons (including the fact that it might simply make economical sense). As such, it becomes important to properly subcontract the services of these individuals, while having the legal framework that enables your company to realize the greatest potential from its subcontractors.

Incredible financial returns are realized every day in the oil and gas sectors, however, what your share of the realized profits from its production and sale is dependent on the legal agreement that you have with the oil or gas companies. As such, negotiating and drafting a technically advantageous contract is essential, so that you can secure the optimal return from the oil or gas extracted, the work undertaken, the business acquired, or the property that is leased or sold.

When it comes to implementing your business strategies in the oil and gas sectors, it pays to employ the legal service of a lawyer who can you optimize your financial return, while minimizing your exposure to liability and hidden or unanticipated costs. And though there are no certainties in business, it is possible to mitigate risk through effective legal planning and implementation.

For more information on the legal services of Neufeld Legal P.C. or to schedule an appointment, contact our lead lawyer Christopher Neufeld at Christopher@OilGasLawyer.ca or 403-400-4092.