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Experienced legal divestiture skills for selling your business in the oil and gas sector.

To effectively sell your business in the oil and gas sector, it is essential that you retain the services of the appropriate professionals at the outset, including experienced legal counsel. The significance of retain the right lawyer in the business divestiture process cannot be understated, as it should enable you to avoid costly mistakes and missteps, while optimizing your strategic position in negotiations. The true cost of deferring the retention of legal counsel to the final stages of most sales is not limited to amount of additional work that tends to be required to correct prior missteps, but is further exacerbated by concessions that are provided to the purchaser that are irrecoverable.

There are a slew of legal and business issues that need to be dealt with in the sale of your business and the demands that the purchaser will seek to impose when buying the company or its assets. Often times the demands that are being sought by the purchaser are overly excessive, wherein they seem unprepared to assume the risk that is an essential characteristic of your everyday business. Also when the full purchase price is not paid on closing, but is subject to conditions, these conditions need to be clearly defined in the agreement and the forthcoming payments must be properly securitized. And these are but two of the elements in the sale of an oil or gas business from which an experienced business lawyer can provide essential input and direction to the sale of your business in the oil and gas sector.  

For more information on the legal services of Neufeld Legal P.C. or to schedule an appointment, contact our lead lawyer Christopher Neufeld at Christopher@OilGasLawyer.ca or 403-400-4092.