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Core Contractual Matters: Review - Negotiation - Drafting/Writing

Contracts are the lifeblood of the oil & gas business. Contracts provide the framework through which business relationships are controlled, enabling each of the parties to attain their agreed upon benefits, while providing appropriate protections against violating the settled terms and conditions. In turn, the value of an excellent contract, which has been skilfully negotiated and precisely written, is rarely evident - until one of the parties attempts to breach the contract (with the potential for such a violation having been substantially reduced by the knowledge that any violation will have serious repercussions).

Conversely, when contracts are poorly negotiated and/or written, they can become a source of unending anguish and drain on a business' financial resources. Experienced contract negotiations and drafting will enable you to avoid these disasters, by avoiding the traps and pitfalls that other businesses all too frequently fall prey to. You should always be looking to solidify your business relationships with well-structured contracts, so that you can focus on your core business and not the distractions that arise from disputes that lack a clear contractual formula for resolution.

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Petroleum industry specific agreements: Oilfield Services Contract, Drilling Contract, Well Services Contract, Field Development / Management Contract, Evaluation / Monitoring Contract, Pipeline Contract (casing and tubular services), Pressure Pumping Contract, Transportation and Logistics Contract, Engineering Contract, Safety Arrangements, Environmental Protection / Remediation, Freehold Petroleum & Natural Gas Lease and Grant, Royalty Purchase Agreement, etc.