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Advancing an oil & gas enterprise through appropriate legal structuring of financial investments in the company.

The petroleum sector is driven by upfront financing, given the extensive capital demands associated with the significant projects that are being undertaken throughout the industry. Bringing together the requisite resources, including equipment, property and human capital, means putting the money down well in advance of seeing the corresponding revenue return, let alone profit and return-on-investment.

As such, the money needs to be secured, but only under the right conditions and in a manner that will enable your company to meet the investment requirements with room to spare. This is critical to the realization of the business enterprise's objective goals, for if too much is given away in pursuit of much needed cash, those that will be profiting the most are the external investors, as opposed to yourself and your fellow colleagues who are sweating and grinding out unbearable hours to make the business a success.

With that in mind, it is important to have legal counsel to assist in the negotiation and finalization of the investments that are to be made into your company. And at Neufeld Legal P.C., we recognize the importance that your law firm can play in taking on investment funding, with the multitude of legal obligations that are invariably sought and must be appropriately negotiated, so as to drive your business forward.

For more information on the legal services of Neufeld Legal P.C., with respect to finalizing the terms and conditions of investments that are made into your company's advancement, contact the law firm's lead lawyer Christopher Neufeld via email at Christopher@OilGasLawyer.ca. or by phone at 403-400-4092.