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Legal representation for commercializing innovations in the oil and gas sector.

Conceiving of a new invention or innovation with application to the petroleum industry is only the first step in a lengthy process to realize commercial success in the oil & gas sector. For commercializing products utilized in the oil & gas sector means transforming a great idea into a commercial product that is not only demanded by field workers in the oil patch, but also receives the financial backing of the investment sector and/or major oil & gas companies.

At Neufeld Legal P.C., we recognize the challenges associated with commercializing technological innovations and inventions with application to various facets of the oil & gas industry and have the experience to provide legal assistance and direction when bringing an innovative concept to market. As such, we have developed cost-effective legal packages for start-up enterprises, together with a range of other legal packages, that strive to provide entrepreneurs in the petroleum sector with the legal support to commercialize their inventions.

Oil & gas start-up packages, contain both selected legal documents specifically drafted to a venture's specific needs and a set amount of legal consultation time,* with the documentation possibly involving:

. company incorporation - unanimous shareholders' agreement

. partnership formation - joint venture arrangement

. confidentiality agreement - non-competition / non-solicitation

. patent and/or trademark registration (Canada, USA, foreign)

. sales contract - distribution agreement

. development agreement - commercialization agreement

. licensing contracts and related service and maintenance agreements

. royalty agreement

. sales representative agreements

. independent contractor agreement - employee contracts

As such, if you are looking to advance the commercial potential of your invention with application to the oil & gas sector, contact Neufeld Legal P.C. at 403-400-4092 or Christopher@OilGasLawyer.ca.

* Legal consulatation and work undertaken beyond the time provided for in the start-up packages will be charged at the legal rates and prices as set forth in our retainer agreement, which is a pre-requisite to our commencing legal work.