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Core Contractual Matters: Review - Negotiation - Drafting/Writing

The challenge associated with business agreements and contracts is the lack of familiarity that most people have with reviewing such contractual agreements, that even though they might understand the practical concepts that were the basis for the commercial arrangement, how they interact within the legal construct of a contract requires an experienced perspective as to how real world operations interconnect with contractual specifics.

The complexity is further exacerbate by the challenges arising in the petroleum sector, making it often more pivotal that the appropriate legal professional is engaged in the reviewing contractual matters pertaining to oil and gas related business. With other high-powered attorneys having developed the initial version of the legal agreement, that strives to protect and advance the best interests of their corporate client (which are not necessarily aligned with your own business interests), it is incumbent that you retain the legal services of the appropriate contract lawyer and law firm.

At Neufeld Legal P.C., we strive to provide such insight when reviewing a range of contractual agreements for businesses operating in the oil and gas sector. What we strive to do is dissect the proposed agreement and thereupon ascertain and surmise its objectives, both obvious and not-so-obvious. For in discerning what the drafter of the contract intended, one better positioned to determine the acceptability of the contract and its component parts, and where appropriate, what to negotiate and with what ultimate objective in mind.

The ultimate goal being the realization of a contract with which your business is capable of working with. It may not necessarily be everything you wanted or intended. It might not be as profitable as you may have contemplated. However, on balance, it has to work to your advantage (while mitigating dangers and liabilities to your company). And it is our role to help your business realize this objective when reviewing oil and gas contracts. 

For more information on the legal services of Neufeld Legal P.C. or to schedule an appointment, contact our lead lawyer Christopher Neufeld at Christopher@OilGasLawyer.ca or 403-400-4092.